2021 Year-end party at Isaac Eatalian cuisine
Left to Right: Evey, See-Yeun, Yung-Chih, Chia-En, Jasmine.

2022 Lab-outing at Jiufen (九份)
Left to Right: Chia-En, Jasmine, See-Yeun and Ike, Yung-Chih.

2022 Early Summer Hotpot Party (咱鐵賣鍋)
Left to Right: Chia-En, Lily, Yang, See-Yeun, Evey, Jasmine, Ta-Chien, Yung-Chih.

2022 Summer outing at POPOP Taipei (瓶蓋博物館)
Left to Right:
Wei-Tse, Tse-Ping, Lily, Ta-Chien, See-Yeun, Yung-Chih, Jasmine, Chia-En

2022 IMB retreat at the Great Roots (大板根)

Left to Right: See-Yeun, Jasmine, Chia-En

2022 Lab celebration of receiving a 5-Y funding support with champagne!

2022 Autumn outing at Osmanthus Hiking Trail (桂花步道)

2022 Year-end party at EATOGETHER (饗食天堂)

Left to Right:
Ta-Chien, See-Yeun, Jasmine, Po-Yin, Lily, Yung-Chih, Chia-En, Yang

2023 Intern welcome party at 飲飽食醉

Left to Right:
Jeremy, Ta-Chien, Chloe, Po-Yin, Chia-En, See-Yeun, Jasmine,

American Society for Microbiology 2023 in Houston, Texas, USA

Poster presentation:
Jasmine (upper right), Chia-En (down right).

2023 Intern and Mr. Yang Farewell party at 茶香桂花農園 

 Left to Right: Evey, See-Yeun, Yang, Lily, Jasmine, Ta-Chien, Po-Yin, Yung-Chih, Chia-En, Vivian, Tina 

2023 IMB retreat at the Great Roots (大板根)

Left to Right: Po-Yin, Chia-En, Lily, Jasmine
Poster presentation: Jasmine (left), Po-Yin (right).